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Mastering the art of Wellbeing

  Iran Lawrence Fine Art
Mastering the Art of Self-Liberation

“If new ideas are to assume artistic form, physical, sensual, spiritual and intellectual forces and abilities must all be equally available and act in concert.” 
                                 – Johannes Itten – Master of art education, Bauhaus School, Germany

Itten was a scholar and researcher of humanities, had studied history, literature, the fine arts, and philosophy. While mathematics teaches a man how to build a bridge, it is the humanities that teach him how to be civil and sweet temper.

Progress is not a straight line, but rather an effort in the direction of achievement.


Artist's Profile

Iran Lawrence is a recipient of the University of Delaware Presidential Citation for outstanding achievement for exhibiting a great promise in her professional and public service activities. She thrives on a cornucopia of skills and know-how acquired since childhood from many masters around the world.



       Iran Lawrence

Artist / Educator / Speaker
Art of Self-liberation Consultant

       Bringing to you a wealth of ancient wisdom  
             refined through the genius of the arts and sciences of the west.


Iran Lawrence is a recipient of University of Delaware Presidential Citation for Outstanding Achievement for exhibiting a great promise in her professional and public service activities.

In 1986, when New York Museum of American Folk Art and 3M Corporation launched a national competition for the Statue of Liberty Centennial Celebration, 28 regional and national judges had gathered in New York City to judge 1200 pieces of artworks. The submitted pieces were judged based on originality, overall appearance, design composition, and technical expertise; and Iran became an award recipient of that competition.

She was already an accomplished artist when she had entered the University of Delaware and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics in 1979. She later earned a Master of Science degree in Interior Design from Drexel University, followed by an scholarship to Temple University, Tyler School of Art Master of Fine Arts studies.

At the end of her studies in fine arts, she found a pivotal blessing: a new discovery and study of applied spiritual philosophy based on epistemology* and Buddhism that turned into a devotion to a new form of education; a catalyst that illumined and clarified her entire perspective on life.

Her evocative abstract paintings convey an elusive interplay of glowing color fields emanating warmth, beauty, calm and passion.

Iran is a widely published and exhibited multi-disciplined artist. Her life embodies a cosmopolitan flair deeply rooted within the wealth of her Persian heritage and refined through the spirit and the genius of the West.

As a multi-disciplined artist, interior designer, educator, and consultant, she has striven to acquire the mastery of the art of self-liberation to transcend beyond a single form of creativity and into exploring a more inclusive form of art – Life Itself as the Greatest Canvas of Art!

ایران لارنس دریافت کننده یک تجلیل فرهنگی رسمی از ریاست دانشگاه دلاور است در ضیافتی فرهنگی، جهت دستیابی برجسته ای در ارائه نویدی بزرگ در اِعمال خدمات حرفه ای و اجتمائیش

او پیش از ورود به دانشگاه دلاور هنرمندی فاضل بود که سپس با لیسانس علوم در اقتصاد از این
دانشگاه فارغ التحصیل شد. وی پس از آن در رشته آرشیتکت داخلی فوق لیسانس علوم از دانشگاه دِرِکسل بدست آورد و پیاپی به تحصیلاتش در رشته هنرهای زیبا در کالج هنری تایلر در دانشگاه تِمپِل ادامه داد.

ایران در پایان تحصیلاتش با کشف موهبتی محوری روبرو شد. کشف و مطالعه و تعالیم نوینی در فلسفه روحانیت مبنی بر اصول مذهب بودا و معرفت شناسی؛ عشقی بدانشی نوین که زندگیش را کاملأ و به نحو شگفت انگیزی دگرگون کرد وکل تعالیم و مقاصدش را روشن و تنظیم نمود.

نقاشیهای تصوری و مهّیج ایران رسانه ای از فعل و انفعالاتی وهمی از زمینه های تابان رنگی هستند که از خود ملایمت، زیبائی و آرامش جاری میکنند.

او هنرمندی است با انتظامی همگانی و نمایشگاهها و انتشاراتی وسیع؛ زندگیش تجسمی است ازفراستی جهانی که نه تنها  در عمق ثروت میراثی ایرانیش ریشه گزیده،  بلکه پیشتر با جوهر و نبوغ هنر و علوم غرب هم تطهیر یافته است


Art is greater than science because the latter proceeds by laborious accumulation and cautious reasoning, while the former reaches its goal at once by intuition and presentation; science can get along with talent, but art requires genius.
                                                                                                    - German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860)


 «هنردر زندگی بزرگتر از دانش است، باین دلیل که دانش با دشواری و استدلالی محتاط انباشته   میشود، درحالیکه هنراز راه فراست وارائه، به هدفش فورأ نائل میگردد. دانش میتواند با استعداد بسر ببرد، اما هنر مستلزم نبوغ است. »
آرتور شوپِنهاوِر، فیلسوف آلمانی (1860- 1788)


Formal Education: تحصیلات عالی

M. F. A. Studies , Tyler School of Art.
Temple University, U.S.A.

M.S. Interior Architechur, Nesbett College of Design Arts.  Drexel University, U.S.A.  

B.S. Economics, College of Business and Economics.
University of Delaware, U.S.A.

Academic Studies in Applied Spiritual Philosophy, since 1995, U.S.A.

Applied Spiritual Philosophy defined: It is a branch of philosophy that overlaps with epistemology. It implies study of spiritual research that investigates and inspects the source, nature and the limit of human knowledge and spirit, and the relationship of the spirit to the body; and exercises devoted to the rehabilitation of the potentialities in a spirit within the boundaries of natural laws and man’s wisdom.  
Certification in Public Relations, since 1998, U.S.A. 

Professional Activities since 1985:

Graduate level teaching, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Artist, Interior Designer / architect, The Art of Wellbeing, Public Relation Consultant

Selected Awards:
جوایز ممتاز

Presidential Citation for Outstanding Achievement, Awarded for exhibiting great promise in professional and public service activities. University of Delaware. Newark, DE. U.S.A.

تجلیل رسمی ریاست دانشگاه دلاور در ضیافتی فرهنگی، جهت دستیابی برجسته ای در ارائه نویدی بزرگ در اِعمال خدمات حرفه ای و اجتمائی.     ذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذذ ذذذذذذذذذ

Full scholarship award for artistic merits, M.F.A. Program, Tyler School of Art, Temple University. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. U.S.A.

بورس تحصیلی کامل جهت شایستگی  هنری، برای تحصیلات فوق لیسانس در هنر سرای تایلِر، دانشگاه تِمپِل، ایلات متحده آمریکا.                                                                                       دد 

New York Museum of American Folk Art’s National Competition, honoring Statue of Liberty Centennial Celebration, New York, New York. U.S.A.

دریافت کنندۀ یگ جائزۀ ممتاز ملی از موزه هنرهای قومی آمریکا بمناسبت تجلیل صدمین سال مجسمۀ    آزادی،  نیویورک، ایلات متحده آمریکا.                                                                             ددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددد

Table Décor, First Place award, Noritake China, Noritake Corp., Tokyo, Japan.

دریافت کنندۀ جایزۀ مقام اول در رقابت تزئین میز، شرکت چینی سازی نوریتاکی، توکیو، ژاپُن.             
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