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                              Giclee Printing Process

Just what is Giclee [zhee-clay] method of printing? Giclee is a French colloquialism, coined in the 17th Century. It means, loosely, “a spraying of ink.” It refers to a technology first created by Scitex Corporation Ltd., and initially brought forth by a machine called the Iris, and it was primarily used for proofing color images. Since then, new and higher quality inks have been developed that give a new level of archival quality and color range to art reproduction.

The substrate (underlying support material such as paper or canvas) is carefully attached to a spinning drum. Infinitely small (much smaller than the human hair) pixels of the best archival water based organic pigments render an amazingly smooth and consistent image. These microscopic and digitally programmed droplets of color are sprayed into the substrate at a very high speed (3-5 million pixels per second).

While rotating at a very high speed, these pixels accurately and consistently mirrors the original work of art. The result then is an image comprised of nearly 18-20 billion droplets of ink saturation onto the substrate for a convincing rendering of any fine art image. Its luxurious quality makes it virtually indistinguishable from the original work that it surpasses nearly any other method of color application. It does not yellow, and will resist cracking, even when stretched.

An aerosol spray overcoat provides an invisible crystal clear semi- matte top coat that offers a smudge and moisture resistance finish, dye stabilizers, and the ultra violate light blockers.

Giclee prints have a very impressive track record for exhibition at prestigious galleries and museums such as:

  • The Louvre museum in Paris
  • The British Museum
  • The Washington Post Collection
  • The New York Public Library
  • The Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art
  • The New York Metropolitan Museum
  • The National Art Museum
  • The San Francisco Museum of Art

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