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Do Your Bit Movement
Honey bees build honeycombs one bit of nectar at a time. We can do our bits and build schools in developing countries.

He Named Me Malala Official Trailer 1 (2015) - Documentary HD


Malala Yousafzai Nobel Peace Prize Speech

This is not a campaign for donations but an investment

in the future of humanity by recovering YOUR creative impulses.

  Give and receive through the arts.
The Art of Self-liberation
From the Diary of an Artist

Luke 6:38: Give and it will be given to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.

Malala Yousafzai, born July 12, 1997, is a Pakistani activist for children's education and human rights and youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize Laureate at the age of seventeen. Her advocacy has become a worldwide movement as she continues to ask the world not to pity the under privileged children but to Take Action! 

I have listened to Malala's Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech numerous times and each time I become more and more energized and inspired to do what she asks us to do: Take Action!

Kailash Satyrathi, born January 11, 1954, an Indian child’s rights and education advocate shared the honor with Malala on October 10, 2014, in Oslo, Norway. His acceptance speech contained the following tale that inspired me to name my project: Do Your Bit Movement. 

Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyrathi

Nobel Peace Prize Laureates of 2014

Here is the tale of the little bird that inspired the name for 

Do Your Bit Movement

We Need to Remember 

It is quite one thing to observe human suffering, it’s another thing to have an impulse to do something about it, and entirely something different to take action to improve and change the cultural weave of humanity with strong threads of sharing one bit at a time.

                                              Do Your Bit

       Help to build schools  by helping yourself in one simple but giant step!

                        When we stand together, they will not stand alone.

                         Stand up!  Stand up now!  Stand for education!


I am very passionate and determined to join forces with you in a very unique and multi-dimensional philanthropic movement at grassroots level to build many schools in developing countries by taking only one simple step for yourself. How? By preordering a book?

But the book I am talking about is a very different book. It's a book that is going to make you wish you had read and read again long time ago; and when many of you participate in this movement it will raise money for The Malala Fund to build many schools in developing countries.

It's my book: The Art of Self-liberation, a laminated hardcover, beautifully illustrated book in color. filled with wisdom that will make you wish you had known before you got into so much trouble.

When you diligently apply the content of this book to your life, it will put you on a new path to discover the pure essence of truth, which is You!  It is a body of simple facts and practices that will make you wish you'd known long time ago. Why? Because the very first thing my clients say to me after their first consultation is this: "This was the most insightful conversation I have ever had and wish I had met you long time ago." And I always have an honest response to that: I wish I had met myself longtime ago too.

                                      "This universe is not outside of you.                                                                        Everything you want is already in you."                                                                                              - Rumi

World peace begins at home.  How can we be truly cognizant of the oneness of humanity and strive for world peace, when we are in so much conflicts within ourselves? How can we love our neighbors and have compassion and empathy for human suffering, when we can't cherish the splendor of our own company? We cannot give or share what we do not own. Your very best advocate, friend and companion is patiently longing for you, within you, to be embraced with grace. 

The content of this book is a distillation of nearly 30 years of looking, searching, exploring and experiences in various fields of endeavor that has unveiled the mystery behind human suffering for me and let the light of truth to shine.  The light that let me see the truths that were always there as clear as a sunny day, but I was too blind to see it, because I didn't know how to look, how to inspect and evaluate my environment; and yet, I was among the well rounded and educated people. I wish this light for you too!    

                                              The Art of Self-liberation 

This book needs to be  promoted, marketed and distributed worldwide and placed in schools and libraries to make it available to everyone who wishes to begin a purifying process at home to  heal  the heart and soothe the soul of the individual so that we can give a more meaningful definition to world peace.

Here are a few of the nuggets of this book::

* How to unveil and identify the hidden sources of human strife, culprits that stunt the imagination by crushing the creative impulses.

* Practical methods to ease the mind, heal the heart and soothe the soul to rekindle the creative impulses.

*Addressing the fundamental barriers to study and open the door to the love of learning for all ages.

* Developing and giving birth to love, charity, compassion and altruism - the very foundation of all the religions of the world.

                             How many books we sell determines                                         how many schools we can help to build!


                                      The Challenge

Your participation in this campaign to enable the large scale offset printing, international promotion, marketing and distribution of this very much needed and wanted book is a significant contribution to humanity. By easing your mind, healing your heart and soothing your soul, you as an individual contribute to the well-being of humanity and world peace, which begins at home.

In her Nobel Peace Prize Speech, delivered on Oct 10, 2014 in Oslo, Norway, Malala asked the  world leaders: why is it so easy to build tanks and create war, but so hard to build schools and create peace?

We can do this together at grassroots level without much effort or sacrifice. I am committed to do my bit and fulfill my responsibility the best I can. What about you? Are you willing to do your bit? Isn't that exciting to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves, by simply helping ourselves?

Imagine how many children will have access to education with this project.  Imagine how joyfully they will be running to their new schools every day with hopeful smiles on their faces. Imagine how many jobs will be created, and how hopeful each family and community can look forward to a better future. A future that used to be a remote possibility, but they can now touch; because WE have diligently contributed like a honey bee, a bit of nectar at a time to fill a honeycomb.


This is how we can manifest an idea: The idea of a much greater number of "dinners" by enabling the children and the families of the developing countries to escape the jaws of poverty through education so that they can also decide what to have for dinner; by doing our bit, one bit at a time.

     Imagination  >  interest  >  willingness  >  decision  >  ACTION  >  Results!

                                                       Simple as that!

                        "When we practice loving kindness and compassion                                                             we are the first ones to profit." - Rumi

Imagine perhaps visiting one of these schools in the near future. You travel to one of these regions and visit one the schools you have helped to build. How precious is that feeling?

The role of the artist in society is to speak and use her vision and influence to help those whose voices remain silent and have no influence.  

 I am inviting you to join me to make a peaceful, revolutionary and bold statement to world leaders. Let's show them just how easy it is to build schools, give hope and create futures for the children of the developing countries, instead of keeping them waiting in poverty and vulnerable to the destructive forces of war that continue to build more tanks and other war weapons to keep the well established wheels of the war industry turning for the sake of greed. 

            Imagine what the headlines could say in not so distant future 

We are only a fragment of a greater whole. Humanity revolves around an incredibly interdependent system, which includes every one of us. Our personal fulfillment must only be considered as a fragment of this greater whole. 

When I learned that The World bank had made a substantial donation to The Malala Fund I was elated. But when I learned that it had given only $200,000.00 I was deeply disillusioned. But as usual, my failed expectation aroused my fighting instinct and changed my priority.

Your contribution is pivotal. I am asking you to do what you can to enable the illustrations, publishing, promotion, marketing and distribution of The Art of Self-liberation worldwide and help to heal the heart and soothe the soul of the individual, the very fundamental unit of humanity first, so that we have a better grasp of world peace, and contribute to education at a grand scale. 

Accomplishing this task alone will not be fast and easy. But when we unite, we can become a powerful force of altruism and compassion to make a big difference. 

               Do Your Bit Movement 
                    is not a personal endeavor, but
a people's endeavor.  

Luke 6:38: Give and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.


 The Art of Self-liberation
                                    A book that can shift your paradigm  

         Simple words of wisdom to demystify the sources of human strife 

                                                     Ages 12 - 100 

                                 The most valuable gift you can give to                                                              yourself,  your friends and loved ones 

                    Please read the testimonies of some of my audience at:


Art and creativity are the basis of literacy. We must realize that one of our intrinsic attributes as a spiritual being is our ability to CREATE!  And if life itself was to be created like a work of art, then everyone is an artist. 

This is not a radical idea. It is more than radical. It is already happening in the lives of those who have removed some of the sources of their pain and agony, often hidden as the culprit that continues to crush their creative impulses. Trapped imagination cannot produce new ideas, inspire a new passion, a new hope, a new dream and thus not free to strive toward supporting the wellbeing of humanity by doing what they love to do. 

Understanding SELF, making friends with who we are, heals the heart, soothes the soul and frees the imagination to give birth to creativity and sensitivity and become receptive to what the environment continue to offer us; and that's when love, charity, compassion and altruism enters the field of human endeavor. 

         Here are a few questions you can answer for yourself:

           What premium would you place on discovering the surreptitious             elements that continue to clip your wings one feather at a time?

               What are the benefits of learning and knowing who to trust?

           What are the fruits of an increase in your growth and productivity?

               What are the pervasive blessings of a gratifying relationship?

                    What are the results of a life overwhelmed with strife?

                       What if you could just touch one of your dreams?

The content of this book is simple but pure science. Unlike anything else you have read or learned before - which has made you feel good for a few days - this book gives you a box of very unique and simple tools to diligently apply to your daily life for a magical transformation.

Persian Sufi mystic poet Rumi (1207-1273) was a wealthy nobleman, a genius theologian, and a brilliant sober scholar. His spiritual legacy has transcended national boundaries and ethnic division with admiration for the past eight centuries and remains as one of my most inspirational sources of influence. In the above poem he is reminding us of the splendor of our spirit being much similar to the magnificent glow of the sun; a brilliance greatly eclipsed by the disabling masks of our social conditioning.


Wisdom comes with a responsibility of sharing. I have worked long and diligently to be where I am today. My transformation from a state of doubt, uncertainty and disillusionment to a state of equanimity is what inspires me to compile and share my findings in this book with you.                          


After each and every one of my presentations some members of the audience come forward and ask to take pictures of my slides. Some ask for a copy of my slides. Some of them show me the pages of notes they have taken; some speak to me with tears of relief inviting me to speak at some other venues, and some ask me if I have a book they can buy to further their understanding of human potentials.   

But some elders, wiser and more perceptive people have stressed the importance of turning my PowerPoint presentation into a book to help humanity at large, instead of a group of audience at a time. This is why and how the launching of this book was germinated.

A journey into

The Art of Self-liberation

  Destination You!
From the Diary of an Artist

A book of wisdom to heal the heart, soothe the soul and rekindle your creative impulses. While I am working on converting my PowerPoint presentation into a uniformly illustrated book to convey the concepts for a simple, clear and in depth understanding for all ages, I am asking you to do your bit by pre ordering this book; first as a precious gift to yourself, and then to those you love and care about.

                                  I am grateful for my findings and                                                                   the privilege of sharing them with you.

I am publishing The Art of Self-liberation in highest standard of design and publishing because it's content makes it very deserving and worthy of such standards. And you are going to be the recipient of its first printing.

               It will be printed in large scale, promoted, marketed                                        and distributed worldwide and retailed at $99.95 in                           laminated hardcover with a dust jacket.     

It is a full color illustrated book of 200 plus pages in offset printing:  the most widely trusted, high volume commercial printing technology which has an enduring stronghold in the industry, offering the highest quality standards on coated paper with higher and sharper resolution for those professional designers who seek perfection; a far more superior process than the fast and cost effective digital printing on demand.  

                         Read more about its content by clicking the link below:


                          And here is your preview of The Art of Self-liberation. 

My art career began in the 80's when I donated a very large and elaborate piece of my art to the American Heart Association for fundraising. It instantly became a statewide community project with media coverage, followed with private and corporate commissions.

But then, as I matured and evolved through my art, I discovered that art is a trivial activity if it's limited to just painting a canvas or making something artistic. Life itself began to present itself as a multidimensional form of art involving every aspect of various endeavors intended to improve the wellbeing of humanity.

 I believe when we help an able person, we help the society at large. Today, one of the sources of my joy is knowing that a few stranded but able young refugees I have helped have actually achieved their dreams and are significant contributors to humanity at grand scale.

                         Presidential Citation for Outstanding Achievement

And I am proud and very grateful for the Presidential Citation For Outstanding Achievement I have received from Dr. David Roselle, President of the University of Delaware, my first alma mater, in April of 1995, acknowledging my public and professional activities.

                                       Post presentation

             Showing off my award to family and friends in the audience.

Abridged Profile

In 1986, when New York Museum of American Folk Art and 3M Corporation launched a national competition for the Statue of Liberty Centennial Celebration, 28 regional and national judges had gathered in New York City to judge 1200 pieces of artworks. The submitted pieces were judged for originality, overall appearance, design composition, and technical expertise. I became an award recipient of that competition.

See its details by clicking below:


I was already adept in painting when I entered the University of Delaware and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics in 1979. I later earned a Master of Science degree in Interior Design from Drexel University, followed by a Master of Fine Arts study at Temple University, Tyler School of Art.

At the end of my studies in fine arts, and after 10 years of academic studies, I wasn't quite resolved with what I knew about life. My curiosity and search led me to fall in love with philosophy - love of pursuit of wisdom - a pivotal blessing that drove me to embark upon studying the ancient wisdom of Eastern philosophy that was refined through the arts and sciences of the West; a new study that turned into a passion for a fascinating and unique form of learning; a catalyst that clarified my entire perspective on life and bestowed upon me the humility of realizing how little I know ; thus becoming a seeker.

My abstract paintings are intended to convey an elusive interplay of glowing color fields emanating warmth, beauty and passion, representing what I see and feel.

I have been published and exhibited widely. My travels to more than 20 countries around the world have given me a deep understanding and appreciation of various cultures of the world. My life embodies a cosmopolitan flair deeply rooted within the wealth of my Persian heritage that I have worked diligently to refine through the spirit and genius of the West.

Through a diverse field of studies I have endeavored to search for truth; a search that has enabled me to acquire a mastery of the art of self-liberation. This is not a boastful statement. This is an statement of facts. It has been a trying journey that has freed me to transcend beyond a single form of creativity and into a joyful exploration of Life as an inclusive form of art, which includes you as well; doesn't it?

I believe there are no greater rewards than to spark the imaginative forces of creativity in others by helping them to learn how simple it is to cut through the exposition of academic chaff and acquire the ability to believe in their dreams, imagine new ideas and manifest them in the material world and join the league of warriors whose mission is to gladden the heart and soul of humanity - promoting happiness, good health and prosperity. 
       Recovering your imaginative impulses is a magical journey!


                                A labor of love exemplifying what I teach

Inspiration was a 3 dimensional creative idea that was incubating in my mind for several years waiting for the right time to hatch and express itself in the physical universe. It consists of about 5250 pieces of various materials fastened on a canvas attached to a board over a 1.5" D oak frame as a triptych - a 3 piece work of art. It took me 12 months to complete it, and it was the most challenging piece I have done next to "Maelstrom" below, which took me 6 months to complete.

When it was finally finished and hung, and I got to look at it from a distant for the first time on the wall, I cried; I cried and then laughed with joy, because I got to see the fruit of my few thousands of hours of tears and sweat and precision work, and finally overcoming many obstacles in transforming what I had imagined into a physical form.

The process was exhilarating, incredibly challenging and physically exhausting; but nevertheless very enlightening as I evolved and learned so much through the challenges and accomplished what I had intended, without capitulating to the barriers that the physical universe was imposing upon my plan.

I had one great asset that was propelling me toward my goal: I knew that my ideas were streaming from the unlimited realm of my spirit, which I was manifesting within the limited and opposing realm of the material world and the worst thing I could do was to agree with its barriers and limitations - thus I disagreed with every bit of it and pressed forward and commanded the process with pure intention.

              A giclee print of Inspiration on canvas is one the perks for this project.

                              Click below to learn about giclee printing process

Purification is an expression of the purifying processes of the heart and soul for redemption and achieving enlightenment.                      

             A giclee print of Purification on canvas is one the perks for this project.

                      Click below to learn about giclee printing process


 exhibits the sanctification of the heart and soul of the unwanted thoughts, feelings and deeds that delivers us home to ourselves, where we can reflect the beauty of the Source of Creation residing within us; mighty, powerful and self subsisting.  

          A giclee print of Christening on canvas is one the perks for this project.

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Maelstrom is a textile art. Every grade of color is a separate piece of hand-dyed fabric sewn together, then quilted and framed. It represent the freeing of the soul from the rules of the status quo and foisted conditioning and the birthing of a new era of free flowing imaginative impulses in many different directions - this is a personal testimony.                        

            A giclee print of Maelstrom on canvas is one the perks for this project.

                  Click below to learn about giclee printing process


Do your bit!

Help yourself and help humanity in one single step!

Give and Receive Through the Arts


The Art of Self-liberation

     When we stand together, they will not stand alone.

Stand up! Stand up now! Stand 

Let's indulge in the pleasure of war against illiteracy! Shall we?

Luke 6:38: Give and it will be given to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.

                                              Thank you!

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