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Most people when given the opportunity to choose between an available piece of art and a fully customized one, they readily choose the latter. It is indisputable that when you find where the good things are it is hard to go back.

As an artist / interior designer / architect, I have the pleasure of creating many of these very special commissioned pieces. I know the importance of having a full understanding of the total design concept in creating the most desirable work of art that looks and feels very much at home within the environment in which it is placed.

Commissioning a work of art is a simple process. We will collaborate together, or with your architect or interior designer to discuss your preferences and assess the space which you are considering for the customized work. 

Together we will determine the size of the work, the overall and general look and feel of the piece and of course the most suitable colors to satisfy your taste. But most often the size is the most crucial element to determine; simply because if you really like a work of art but it is just not the right size, it is not going to be exactly what you want.

That is why commissioning a work of art is a widely preferred choice for nearly every one who desires and have the patience for perfection. Please call the studio for an intimate and personal consultation to review your choices and options and to answer any additional questions you may have.

No matter which part of the world you live, travel arrangements can be made to meet you in person and assess your preferences for your home, office or corporate space.

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