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 “Iran Lawrence is one of Delaware’s cultural and entrepreneurial treasures.”

                                                                - Delaware Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine 

“Her original and highly personalized and contemporary art celebrates the spiritual vibrancy of humanity.”

                                                                                                           – Town & Country Magazine 

“Her abilities as a multi-disciplined artist uniquely qualify her to serve a wide range of clients.”

                                                                                                               - Florida Design Magazine

“Her meticulously conceived work burst with symbolism.

                       – E. P. Dutton, Director, Museum of American Fold Art, New York, New York

 Iran Lawrence draws upon a cornucopia of textural and color effects to bring visual excitement, harmony and warmth to the interior of any environment.

                                                                                 - Kate Mathew, Editor of Fiberart Magazine

 I was asked to stay away during the installation of Iran’s work in my office. When I walked in for the first time to see it I was totally flabbergasted. I began to laugh and cry at the same time. My first words were: Oh my God! I have the best office in the entire firm!

                                                                                 – Esquire, Diane Elderkin, Philadelphia, PA

 By using the process of color gradations she creates dazzling patterns that suggest the illusion of movement and are at once lively, evocative and contemporary.

                                                                                                           – Delaware Today Magazine

 My husband is a builder and I am a gallery owner. We couldn’t find a better artist to commission a great piece for our second beach house in Margate New Jersey. Every time we enter the house and walk into the living area we have a vibrating feelings of warmth and excitement.

                                                                              – Mr. And Mrs. Berman, Margate, New Jersey

 My husband and I have been tracking Iran’s work through a variety of sources and finally decided to go ahead and invite her over. We were so impressed with her work that we couldn’t decide which series to commission from. We couldn’t come to an agreement, so we decided to order one from each, which made both of us very happy, and we had the first Unveiling Ceremony for her.

                                                                                                                      – Mr. And Mrs. Pryor

She is very articulate in describing her art. It was very nice for our viewers to meet her on SPOTLIGHT.

                                                                                                                                - Nancy Barnes
                                                                                                                          Associate Producer
                                                           WHYY SPOTLIGHT Public Broadcasting Station (PBS)

 My husband has the hobby of under water photography and we have invested in a nice collection of art that is mainly in glass. But we feel that our best investment in art is in Iran Lawrence’s art.

                                                                                                                     - Dr. And Mrs. Cohen

 Her work embodies the fabric of her life.

                                                                                – The News Journal. Wilmington, Delaware.

 Iran Lawrence creates the kind of art that her private clients put on their walls, corporate clients put in their lobbies and museums put behind glass.

                                                                                              - University of Delaware Messenger

  Fantastic Art!

                                                                              - Dan Frawly, Mayor of Wilmington, Delaware

 We discovered her early on and were the first to invited her to show at our house. Her beautiful and wonderfully executed art is truly admirable.

                                                                                           – Governor of Delaware, Piers duPont

 Her paintings are incredibly intriguing. It is almost like reading through the tea leaves. There are so much light, motion and excitement and looking at them are so inspiring. Each time we look at our pieces we can’t help but finding ourselves in a whole different world of beauty, peace and tranquility.

                                                                                                              – Dr. and Mrs. Rosenberg

 My wife and I went to see her show in New York City and loved her work. I commissioned a piece for my office and gave her only a few hints as to how I like it. We were in a time crunch and I wanted it delivered and installed just before I left for Europe and anticipated its delivery with a good degree of conservatism.

I remember the day she delivered the piece. Madison Avenue was jam packed, and I had a couple of my people waiting for her with security clearance to bring in the piece upstairs to my office. I watched it being unwrapped and leant against my desk... and I was suddenly speechless by what I saw. My first reaction was to run out and grab a few of my executives to show them what she had done for me.

                                            – Mr. Van Veenendal, CEO, Bank of Netherlands. New York, NY

 “Your signature work confers a modernistic "bent" on the classic icons/motifs of the Persian/Ottoman era... reflected by their intricately and assiduously handcrafted carpets and divans...

The astute "play" of both subtly-blending and abruptly-juxtaposed shapes and shades conspire to create a surreal 3-D effect .... akin to the space-time continuum grid diagrams of physics (or is it metaphysics?) lessons past...

The "O'Keeffe III" and "Winds of Change" appeal to me on a visceral (as well as aesthetic) level because they allude to the classic man versus machine (sword or computers depending on time line!) paradigm...i.e., cold, hard and unforgiving steel in stark contradistinction to the warm, fragile and evanescent nature of human flesh & blood...and that one will be inevitably, inexorably subsumed by the only constant in the universe, namely, change itself (if you are prone to interpreting Rorschach pictograms in a mentally-unfettered manner!)...

The contrasting colors and spatial orientations used in these works also evoke a diametrically-opposite metaphor ...depicting the "yin" (soft and lustrous silvery hues) as a foil to the "yang" (the strongest, most evocative color in the spectrum: Red) ..portraying the duality in the cosmic scheme of things ...

And if I let the imagination be completely unbridled...I may render the O'Keeffe III to be representative of teleportation tubes ferrying mankind to the great beyond...(or the next millennium!)..oh-so-reminiscent of the much-cherished childhood sci-fi/comic book superhero fantasies!!

And speaking of the New Millennium...what better way of ushering it in than reclining to gaze upon your abstract be lulled into a reflective, introspective mood in resonance with the environment... delve into the very essence of one's being...plumb the depths of the mind... liberate the senses...lighten the heart... and salve the soul!

                                                                                                    – Dr. Jen Wun Chiu - Singapore
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